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5 reasons to use Bootstrap

Siniša Plevnik |

Designers don't need to code but definitely should know how to code static websites. As I started to code websites I always wanted to do it as fast and as clean as possible.

First I wrote a bunch of code that was messy and my styles were too long and heavy for the size of the product. When mobile devices came in the game it was hard to maintain that amount of code and make it short and light. All those Media Queries demanded the extra amount of code. My next step was to create some code draft that I will use besides CSS Reset. I created some kind of the personal framework that I used to speed up my process and to keep the code as clean as possible. And everything worked great. Except that my framework also needed maintenance as technology continued to grow.

Then I met Bootstrap. Then I met other frameworks, but I continued to work with my first love. Bootstrap is free and easy to use. And if we are to believe statistics it is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework. And for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites it is a big time-saver. So I would like to share with you what I love about Bootstrap. It's only my opinion so feel free too share your own below.

1. Easy to use

The most important—it's easy to use. That doesn't mean that your neighbour little kid can do it. That mean if you do some CSS you'll definitely have a wind in your back with this one. Anybody with just basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can start using Bootstrap. Bootstrap's documentation is awesome. Everything you need to know is inside the official documentation, including working examples.

2. Grid system

It's built on 12-column responsive grid. You can use every column individually or group them to create wider columns. You only have a limit for the largest number of columns in a row—12. Depending on the screen size those columns will re-arrange to fit perfectly. There are predefined breakpoints for the screen sizes (large, medium, small and extra small). Although I use some extra break points for small and large screens. It's just because I want the give my users the best experience—extra satisfaction. Hey, nobody is perfect neither do I.

3. Predefined styles and components

Time is money and Bootstrap sure knows that. That's why you have base styling for fundamental HTML elements. So even Back-end Developers can create usable user interface for short amount of time. Also there are many styled components. Components like drop down menus, sliders, pop-up's, navigation bars, collapsible items and many more. I prefer to use customized Bootstrap—grid only so to be in charge for all that styles. But little help never hurt!

4. Up to date

Probably the main reason why I use it it's because updates are coming out on a constant basis. If you find some problem with Bootstrap their team fix it immediately. So no need to worry about compatibility.

5. Consistency

A world where Designers and Developers can work on the same project. And still have some common knowledge of it so they can communicate in an easy way.

Same thing is on the browsers. Because the framework is so uniform, you don't need to worry about browsers compatibility. You'll get the same results on any major browser.

Ain't that a thing?!

I'm not trying to persuade you nor sell you something. You can try some other framework or even build your own (please do it, I always looking forward to novelties). Anything that can speed-up your workflow is awesome and this thingy does it pretty good. So create some good stuff and please share that good stuff—that's the key to the whole thing.

5 reasons to use Bootstrap

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Only once we get to know you, we begin on sculpting out the prefect strategy for your business. We provide you deep research on your company and based on that we develop unique strategy to make your company stand out!

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    Meet the family

    I am the boss!

    The one who has the last word, the big guy in our small team. Matej makes sure that all of the clients are satisfied, he leads the company's long-term strategic vision of working with organizations, consumer brands, start-ups and community-based organizations, helping each realize the potential of the Internet and its impact on their business. He makes sure his employees are satisfied, joyful and he provides positive working atmosphere. Note to everybody — he hates to be called Boss.

    Matej Beribak | CEO
    I know H.T.M.L.

    Young professional with an eye for a nice design and practical ideas. He strives to create and execute user-centered, data-driven experiences across digital channels. Except UI and UX design, he is also passionate about photography, capturing interesting moments in a right time is what he is best in! Word traveler with a sense for good food and drinks.

    Siniša Plevnik | UI Designer
    See beauty in everything.

    People are visual creatures, they like what is nice to see. Tanja helps your brand get the visual identity that will catch attention and admiration. She makes structure and beauty from all disordered ideas. One of her quotes: "Until it's not perfect, it's not done!" Sometimes it’s hard to meet her high criteria, but at the end her designs are impeccable and that is what she strikes for! Except being beautiful, she is flawless as well as her work.

    Tanja Dujmović | Graphinc Designer
    Let's get social!

    You have something to say, but don't know how to express yourself? Melani has a word for it, You can be sure of that. Writing blogs, columns and posts still don't leave her without a word. Creating quality content and building communities on social media networks is something that, in her own words, she doesn't see as a job but more as a lifestyle. When she is not writing, probably she is baking cakes, her second biggest passion. She has a sweet tooth as we so far have not seen.

    Melani Martinić | Content Manager
    Big Superhero!

    The big kid making sure that everything "under the hood" works smoothly. During the day professional back end developer with amazing ideas and innovations, but during the night he becomes a real warrior in world of tanks. We still don’t know exactly when he sleeps, but we guess superheroes don’t sleep.

    Branimir Đurek | Back-end Developer
    Coffee, coffee, coffee!

    You think something is impossible to be done, please contact Marko, we still didn't find a thing he couldn't do. Perfectly working back-end development is a piece of cake for him, but besides that he is always here for constructing lamps, fixing cars, mobile phones, killing spiders and lot more. You just need to give him a lot of coffee, tell him what you need and watch him do his magic.

    Marko Vušak | Back-end Developer
    Just ask me!

    They say women know everything. Now imagine a woman who is a Google specialist, scared now? No need to, our Nives just makes sure you get the most out of Google's services. Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEO and SEM are her thing. If you want to make sure You will appear on the first site in Google search don't hesitate to call her for help. Except that Nives is a young mom who enjoys spending time in nature. Young, urban and hardworking that's our Nives.

    Nives Radman | Google Specialist
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    Contact us and maybe your picture will be here. CV, video, motivational letter or anything You think represents You the best, send us via mail and help us get to know You. We are waiting!

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